March 09, 2020

Pulse of the Jordanian Street (Poll – 14)

 Jordan’s Barometer


·         The spread of Corona virus internationally, poverty and unemployment locally, Jerusalem and the Palestinian issue regionally, are the most important priorities for Jordanians in the pulse of the street (14).

·         The spread of Corona virus changed social patterns (in terms of handshaking and direct contact with others) among third of Jordanians.

·         (71%) of the respondents are satisfied to a large and medium degree (large 31%, medium 40%) with the level of precautionary measures taken by the government and the relevant institutions to limit the arrival of the Coronavirus through border crossings.

·         (80%) of Jordanians did not know about the fifth economic package, and (89%) did not know about the priorities of the government's work in the year 2020/2021.

·         Television and Facebook are the main source of information about the fifth economic package, plan of action and government priorities in 2020/2021.

·         Providing employment opportunities and expanding in opening new investment projects, stimulating the economy, combating unemployment, and combating corruption, favouritism, are what should be in the government's priorities for the next two years.

·         The vast majority (77%) of the respondents believe that Jordan has succeeded in creating an inclusive national identity.

·         The vast majority (78%) of the citizens did not use government applications or electronic submission to obtain a document through e-government.

·         The majority of respondents stated that they are sure or likely not participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections (47%, of course, I will not participate, 7%, I will probably not participate).

·         The governorates of Madaba, Al-Mafraq, Jerash, and the older age groups (40 years and over) are the most confirmed to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.



The department for Public Opinion Polls and Field Surveys in the Centre for Strategic Studies in Jordan University has conducted its fourteenth poll as a part of its poll’s series “Jordanian Barometer- Pulse of the Jordanian Street” during the period of the 1st to the 7th March 2020 on a sample representing the Jordanian community, from all Jordanian provinces.


The topic of the “Pulse of the Jordanian Street Poll – 14” focused on issues that Jordan is facing domestically, regionally, and internationally. In addition to focusing the survey on the issues of government priorities in the next two years, the upcoming parliamentary elections, the Corona virus and the extent of fear of Jordanian citizens about it.