July 17, 2019

This survey is a continuation of the Center for Strategic Studies' approach to exploring the views of citizens and opinion leaders on the ability of the Governments to assume or carry out their responsibilities. The survey was conducted to measure the ability of the Government after one year of its formation.


The survey aims to measure the attitudes of Jordanian citizens and their evaluation of the performance of Dr. Omar Razzaz Government to assume its responsibilities during the first year of its age, to measure the respondents' opinions on the Government's ability to carry out the tasks mentioned in the Royal Letter of Designation. In addition, the public opinion and the opinion leaders' sample have been identified as to how things are going in Jordan and the most important problems facing Jordan now. The survey also aims to identify the attitudes and opinions of citizens on some current issues, such as the economic situation in Jordan, recent cabinet reshuffle, confidence in some national institutions, in addition to the citizens' evaluation of the level of some services in their areas of residence.


The Government was formed on 14/6/2018, and the Center conducted a formation survey on 26/7/2018. The Government has completed 100 days since its formation on 22/9/2018, and 200 days since its formation on 1/1/2018. 2019, while the Government completed one year since its formation on 14/6/2019.

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