August 16, 2017

A delegation from the National Democratic Dialogue Society, headed by the President of the Society, HE Mr. Mohammed Dawodiehż, visited the Center for Strategic Studies to learn more about the Center's work. The visit highlighted political and local issues that the Center studies according to scientific and research methodologies, producing in-depth and highly accurate reports.

Dr. Musa Shteiwi, Director of the Center, welcomed the delegation, and stressed that the Center for Strategic Studies is one of the most important national research centers that have received a classification in the Middle East and North Africa.

Dr. Shteiwi gave a brief summary of the Centerís functions and the research that Center staff has conducted on regional conflicts, international relations, and security. Dr. Shteiwi also detailed the Centerís efforts to record events related to the security situation in Jordan and to conduct field surveys.

He pointed out also that the Center was established by royal decree, carries out independent work, and is an active member of many Euro-Mediterranean professional networks.

Dr. Shteiwi spoke about the Centerís achievements in the field of research and the Centerís strategic studies that are aimed at providing in-depth analysis of the most important issues facing decision makers.

He added that the Center completed the first study on child labor in Jordan and established the King Hussein Academic Chair at the University of Jordan as well as the diploma of refugee studies.

For his part, the president of the National Democratic Dialogue Society, Mohammed Dawodiehż, said that the National Democratic Dialogue Society is a nonpartisan association that stands with the throne and calls for the strengthening of the civil state. The Society advocates for adopting the rules of citizenship, working toward reform, establishing public freedoms and supporting state media.

Dawodieh added that the Society calls for tolerance, political pluralism, and freedom of opinion. According to the Constitution, there is no discrimination between citizens due to religion, race, language or gender. Society members resist exclusion, violence, ignorance, terrorism and stagnation.

Dawodieh noted that the Society aspires to cooperate with the University of Jordan, especially cultural cooperation, because of the Universityís positive and progressive role in Jordan.

The aim of the visit was to get a closer look at the work of the Center for Strategic Studies, particularly the research that its staff conducts at the local, regional and international levels.