The Center for Strategic Studies is aiming at conducting studies in political, military, economic, and social aspects of issues that interest Jordan and the Arab world, connected to the security of the region, and affect its future, in addition to holding opinion polls, with the goal of providing researchers and policy makers necessary facts and data, organizing events and activities like seminars and conferences.
Principal Duties
1      Conducting studies and researches in different aspects of the country and region as they pertain to the aims of the center.
2      Establishing regional studies and presenting the intellectual, social, economic, political, and military positions.
3      Gathering information, studies, reports, surveys, and statistics that accomplish the goals of the center.
4      Observing, recording, and document events related to Jordan and the Arab world.
5      Providing consultations that coincide with the goals of the center.
6      Holding public opinion polls and field surveys.
7      Organizing events such as conferences, seminars, and courses that concern important local, regional, and national subjects.
8      Establishing scientific and bilateral cooperation with analogous institutions, other research centers, ad Arab and foreign institutes that have similar purposes and interests.
9      Publishing studies and researches.
10  Supervising internships for Jordanian and foreign undergraduate and graduated students and provide them with intellectual and personal aspects.
11   Emphasizing communication with donors, finding sources of funding and financial security as necessary to execute the centerís programs and projects.
12   Advancing the reputation of the center.
13   Issuing a specialized periodical.
14   Introducing the services of the center to the Jordanian and Arab community as possible.
15   Participating in local, Arab, and national conferences, events, and meetings that relate to the centerís work.
16   Any other tasks or work assigned by the centerís board.